Drilling Optimisation

Geopro’s underlying commitment is to ensure our customers derive unsurpassed, objective value from our recommendations, processes and solutions. This commitment is demonstrated in every aspect of our business. Be it in product supply or services and more so in our optimization service. Our approach to drilling optimization follows a pragmatic yet systematic process involving the following key components:

  • People
  • Competency
  • Data acquisition and analysis
  • Objectives
  • Strategy and process

– Identifying the right competency leads to the right people for the job. Establishing winning philosophies and strategies with the customer requires a certain degree of competency to demonstrate both value and deliverables. Drilling optimization is impossible without reliable, practical and related offset data. The quality of available offset information is key to any decisions or recommendations. Project objectives must be clearly articulated. With this a strategy is formulated which in turns leads to a well defined process workflow that ensures the objectives are met.

This is the commitment of the DrillOps initiative within Geopro. To work with our customers to formulate a workable project delivery model to deliver the set objectives.

Realtime Operations

Our Real-Time (RT) Operations service provides two distinct scopes which can be tiered to client requirements. Our Standard service includes basic infrastructure for the Real Time Operations Centre (RTOC) to provide basic drilling operations monitoring service while our Premium service provides a more robust solution which includes construction, specification and fabrication of all required hardware including Information Technology (IT) requirements; software and data management specifications as well as wellsite communication protocols. Both services may include development of process workflows, decision trees and management of change/escalation protocols as well as training for client personnel. A Premium Plus solution involves the manning and running of the RTOC by Geopro personnel.


With an ever growing global energy requirement resulting in a continuous drive to ensure adequate supply, the industry is faced with a constant requirement to find optimal ways of doing business. The basis for technical solutions involves indepth studies and analysis of trends, methodologies and to an extent well objectives. Geopro Technology Limited helps our clients achieve the goal by providing objective analysis with structured and articulated methodology to achieve well objectives.

This could be as simple as investigating drilling abnormalies or looking at well placement requirements and developing desired workflows to ensure cost-effective workflows. Irrespective of the challenge or degree of difficulty we provide a technical and comprehensive end-to-end solution.

The objective of this initiative is a step further than “on the job training”. The objective of this initiative include the following:

  • To ensure a complete “end-to-end” solution. Comprehensive, effective, measurable and clearly articulated.
  • To help clients through the learning curve at an accelerated rate whilst ensuring key process gates and protocols are easily identified and not in anyway overlooked.
  • To ensure customer personnel are able to carry out the job functions in the shortest possible time.


Geopro provides a comprehensive suite of technical and management skills focused primarily on Well Delivery concerns. Our project management and studies expertise include but not limited to Well Engineering, Production Enhancement, Geological Analysis and Well Placement.

Well Engineering Services

Geopro provides a highly specialised technical team with the sole purpose of delivery world class well engineering project management solutions. This service may be tiered to project specifics or customer requirements. Typical process involves the robust offset well analysis, conceptual well designs, value challenge and peer review and finally collective agreement of appropriate well design to meet well objectives


The well delivery service provides not only upfront engineering and planning but an execution team as well. The execution team is tasked with ensuring the robust conceptual well design is properly implemented and executed at the well site. This team involves an office based operations management and technical services group and a well site delivery and execution group. This is usually a very lean, pragmatic and empowered group with a Senior Well Engineer or a Principal Well Engineer at the top of the rig specific drilling or workover team and supported by a highly technical drilling/well engineer responsible primarily for the day-to-day  management of the entire operation and a 2 man rig crew comprising of a senior well site supervisor and an assistant with equal responsibilities.

Geopro has been involved in the Kuyumba operation as the project management and supervision team with outstanding results and improvements.

Production Enhancement Initiative

The production enhancement initiative is geared towards improving recovery from existing and old fields. Geopro takes the position of first understanding the field-wide drive mechanisms, the completion strategies and the impact of formation fluids in the overall ability to lift hydrocarbons from the sub-surface producing horizon. This involves several iterations and disciplines as outlined in the figure below.

petro-tech - diagram02