Successful Casing TD Solutions for a client onshore Baltic Sea

First combination run of EzeeGlider centralisers, specially fabricated NaviGATOR Sub and BridgeBUSTER reamer shoe successfully lands  245mm (9 5/8″) casing string from surface to over 3500m (11,118′) with over 65% of the casing string at 60 degrees inclination or more. Geopro proposed a cost effective solution incorporating careful placement of low friction rigid body EzeeGlider centralisers to provide 50% stand-off across the entire open hole section and a NaviGATOR Sub and BridgeBUSTER combination which was specially fabricated for this operation. The result was successful landing of the 245mm casing at the desired depth with the NaviGATOR Sub ratcheting every kelly down 30 – 60 degrees to the right.

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